Tales of Witches

‘Tales of Witches’ existed as a series of performative readings, that revolved around contemporary reinterpretations of the figure of the witch.
In collaboration with Roselinde Bon, AnnaMaria Pinaka and Jade Mandrake a publication was formed based on each woman’s personal connection with the figure of the witch. These texts were then performed as readings over the course of the three day-exhibition.
The readings took place in a special room in a society building devoted to its (solely male) boards and their meetings, called the ‘Heerenkamer’ (gentlemen’s room in Dutch). The walls of this room were filled with portraits of boardmembers on which not a single woman appears.
‘Tales of Witches’ was meant to invade this space, to contaminate it with our feminine presence and to evoke those outsider-women that once were deemed witches, because of their self-governed healing practices, their autonomy over their sexuality or their knowledge of and interests in earthly spirituality.