Becoming Lamb

Becoming Lamb, a skill- and food-sharing exercise

“The lamb is not innocent [..] The lamb knows how to read the quivering of the lamb nearby, how to become not one lamb but many lambs in the formation of lamb-like relation, each lamb-back moderately indistinguishable from the back of the next. The lamb knows how to read the feeling of the form of what is each other all together, the fears and pleasures and neutralities of each other, the everything of what is expressed in a bleat or twitch when the lamb is with each other and the next one and there is never one lamb alone.”

Anne Boyer

‘Becoming Lamb’ was a collaborative effort with artist Veerle Melis. Throughout our artistic careers, we have witnessed the disheartening workings of an art world that, sadly, continues to rely heavily on divisive competition. Because there is little shelter in this world, we have turned to the beauty of simple and collaborative craft practices.

We attempted to question this system during our residency at HMK, using Anne Boyer’s Lamb as a model for (domestic) craft-based knowledges and their collective nature.

The Lamb understands through collective action; the Lamb has been misjudged numerous times in her youth.
May she mature as our teacher and healer now.

In ‘Becoming Lamb,’ we disrupted functional sweaters to allow them to hold more than one body at once while also creating a space for textile and technique knowledge sharing. In addition, every 45 minutes, we engaged in a collaborative stretching session to avoid neglecting our bodies for the sake of the stitches.

Following the workshop, we shared the hearts of artichokes, braided onions, and other dishes in a lamb-inspired dinner created by Dimitra Fellerhoff. The eating frenzy was only interrupted by performative readings and exercises by invited contributors Aimée Theriot, Romy Day Winkel, and Rosie Broadhead, who each developed their own response to Anne Boyer’s poem.

The Becoming Lamb events took place over the weekend of 21 and 22 May 2022.

Skill Sharing

Food Sharing

Pre-dinner listening/sounding session by Aimee Theriot
pre-dinner prayer/collective reading of Anne Boyer’s poem
Dimitra Fellerhoff serving artichoke hearts to share
Poem by Romy Day Winkel
Essay by Rosie Broadhead